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Commercial Buffet Tables

commercial buffet tables

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commercial buffet tables - 7' Corsica

7' Corsica Conference Table Suite with Buffet Credenza Finish: Sierra Cherry

7' Corsica Conference Table Suite with Buffet Credenza Finish: Sierra Cherry

CTC84/VBCZ/VLx Finish: Sierra Cherry The Corsica veneer desk system offers a sophisticated, elegant appearance for business or home office. Feeling right at home in either a contemporary or traditional setting, Corsica offers refinement and quality typically found at two to three times the price. Conference Table: -Boat-shaped tabletop is 2'' thick with black beveled edge -Work surfaces are protected with two coats of hight-tech catalyzed lacquer finish -Built-in cable management panel features a flush, removable steel cover -Top and base ship separately -Overall dimensions: 84''W x 42''D x 29.5''H Buffet Credenza: -4 drawers and 4 doors over two-shelf storage area -Overall dimensions: 72''W x 22''D x 36''H Low-wall Cabinet: -Available with glass or wood doors -Door sets lock separately, keyed alike -Includes one adjustable shelf on each side -Choice of left or right mounting -Overall dimensions: 72''W x 19''D x 29.5''H Presentation Board: -White dry-erase board center panel -Magnetic, non-ghosting surface -Tackable interior door inserts -Full-height brass hinge -Sculpted lower tray holds markers, erasers, etc. -Overall dimensions: 48''W x 48''H x 3.25''D Ultimo Mid-Back Chairs (Quantity of 6): -Pneumatic seat height adjustment -Tilt tension and tilt lock -Deluxe knee-tilt control -Dual hooded casters -Cast aluminum five-star base -Available in Black, Burgundy and Mocha -Overall dimensions: 28''W x 29''D x 39-42''H -Seat area dimensions: 23''W x 21''D x 23''H -Seat height: 19-22'' Note: This product ships ready-to-assemble. Mayline White Glove Delivery & Assembly Service This white glove delivery service provides two-person delivery inside your home or office to the room of your choice. Includes: -Delivery by a uniformed two-person crew to almost any zip code in the 48 contiguous states -Product inspection prior to delivery -Complete product assembly and placement -Removal of all packaging from premises -No required help from customer -Custom delivery will increase

77% (8)

Judith A. McHale's remarks to Nova University in Portugal - IMG 5593

Judith A. McHale's remarks to Nova University in Portugal - IMG 5593

Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. FCT/Caparica. Lisbon, Portugal. April 1, 2011.

Thank you Ambassador! This was the first time I have been serenaded before giving a speech, and all I can say is if that happened every time, I might start scheduling more speeches.

It’s such a pleasure to join you today and to speak with a group of people so dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. You are the latest generation in a grand tradition of Portuguese pioneers who pushed the bounds of human knowledge and launched an Age of Discovery. The sons and daughters of a people who refused to settle for not knowing what lay beyond the edge of the map. The modern-day explorers facing down monsters of the unknown to seek untold opportunity just over the horizon.

The human impulse to go farther and faster is timeless. And you are proving today, as your ancestors did many centuries ago, that there may very well be no such thing as an impossible dream. So I am honored to be among you and to hear about the exciting work you are accomplishing. I am particularly proud of the partnerships that have developed between our countries to promote science and technological advances.

At the State Department, we believe we can make more progress by working together than working as individuals. This is true when we engage with universities and private sector partners as well as with foreign governments. So it is wonderful to see so many of America’s leading universities in Lisbon, and in Porto, working with Portuguese faculty and students.

Portugal and the United States are working together at every level to promote scientific advancement. These partnerships are not only deepening human understanding about our world and ourselves, they are breaking ground on new developments in nanotechnology and information and communication technologies that will revolutionize our societies.

In the critical area of renewable energy, we are uniting our market power and scientific expertise to advance wind, solar, and hydro power generation. A few years ago, as you know, Portugal's EDP purchased a Texas-based wind energy company to become the third largest producer of wind power in the United States. And American companies like GE and SunPower Corp are investing in solar projects based here in Portugal. Our businesses are working together to build deep-water turbines and find ways to harness the offshore wind. And our governments are collaborating to generate energy from ocean waves.

Our nations have invested heavily in these partnerships because we recognize that science and innovation improve global competitiveness and drive modern economies. And we believe that this investment will come back to us many times over, because investing in people and ideas always pays off. As President Obama has said, “education and innovation will be the currency of the 21st century.” We have certainly seen the truth of this over the past few years. Moreover, given the right environment, we have seen that we can educate people how to innovate.

Universities like yours are changing the way we think about innovation and teaching new ways to unlock creativity. The habits of innovation can be learned in the classroom, applied to real-world problems, and brought to a marketplace hungry for new ideas. It’s a formula that can work across cultures and continents, because collaboration, critical thinking, and problem solving are universal human traits. And when governments and universities help foster open environments that nurture innovation, new sectors of opportunity emerge to benefit all our people.

In the past several years, Portugal has begun to write a new story for itself, replacing a gap in scientific and technological development with a new focus on research and education. The students and researchers working at this University are a critical part of that story. In a “lab-to-market” model, you are the lab. Which makes you an indispensable link in the investment chain.

But we also want to focus on the “to-market” piece of the model. Together, innovation and entrepreneurship make up a continuous cycle of growth that can drive a nation’s production. Innovators refine processes or think up new ways to do things. Then entrepreneurs bring these new developments to market.

While Portugal has made strides on the innovation front, the economic crisis is a reality. But at moments of economic uncertainty, promoting entrepreneurship is more important than ever. Whether we are fighting youth unemployment, lifting people out of poverty, building broad-based prosperity, or forging connections across borders, entrepreneurship augments our efforts to address many of today’s deep-seated challenges.

Too often we attack problems with time and labor-intensive projects, with meetings and money. Our solutions offer plenty of perspiration, but we sometimes forget about the inspiration. Well entrepreneurship is all about inspiration. We just need to give

Golden Corral, Largo, FL - July, 2011

Golden Corral, Largo, FL - July, 2011

I didn't expect much @ Golden Corral - I got even less!
I've been seeing all of those T.V. commercials for their "Pan Seared Seafood Grill Feast" or whatever - I like Talapia and Scallops, so I wanted to give them a try.
I haven't been to a Golden Corral for a long time - now I remember why.

The T.V. commercial says "for about $10.00" - it was $12.00 - It's about $12.00!!! (false advertising). They were busy, but not slammed and a place like this OUGHT TO KNOW how to handle crowds. I stood in line for ten minutes waiting for 7 or 8 little grape-sized pieces of Scallops. The cook would toss 7 or 8 pieces in the frying pan at a time, cook them, and then look at the next person and ask if they wanted Scallops or Talapia, while the line grew longer and longer. I finally suggested to the cook why not cook a few orders all at once so we don't have to stand here all night, which he did. (BRILLIANT!)
A fat, white trash, women started her own line and demanded TWO orders of scallops- and she got them. It took me over ten minutes standing in line to receive this sorry, little offering of "Pan Seared Seafood Buffet" (pictured) @ Golden Corral. It's almost like they're TRYING TO MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR CUSTOMERS TO ACTUALLY GET ANY SEAFOOD!, or least slow us WAY down!
I asked a waitress to send the manager to our table (she interupted me mid-sentance saying that wasn't her table!). I told the manager about our experience, she made excuses about this being a new promotion and they don't have the "flow" worked out yet. She should know how to serve food to large numbers of people- I mean it IS a "CORRAL", right? (more on that later). She offered to get me some Talapia and my friend some Scallops - 20 to 25 minutes later after we had finished eating, had "dessert" (they were out of ice cream), and ready to leave she brought over two business card sized pieces of Talapia and a small handfull of Scallops - SEAFOOD FEAST!!!
The taste of the food was cheap and low-grade.

Let's look at the name "Golden Corral": Obviously the "Golden" part of the name refers to all the money the company makes from these restaurants.
What about "Corral"? - corrals hold cattle, sheep,- animals. Is this how they feel about their customers? That's how we got treated today!

Update: I sent this info to Golden Corral Corporate and received no response.

commercial buffet tables

commercial buffet tables

Oxford Garden 88-Inch Shorea Butterfly Dining Table

This 88-inch, extended butterfly dining table, (64 inches when "butterfly" leaf is folded underneath), matches Oxford Garden Design's Chadwick or Classic side- and armchairs. Designed to resist most weather conditions, the table top is slatted to allow rain to pass through. Made of shorea, a teak family wood more dense and heavy than teak, the table requires no finishing, and will not rot when left outdoors where rain and sun may damage other lesser quality woods. Left untreated, shorea will weather to a soft warm gray--similar to the weathering of teak. The wood's original color can be maintained by applying a seasonal coat of teak oil.
Four untappered legs, sturdy, pre-mounted hardware on the legs, and extra support for the table top add to the piece's durability. In addition, sturdy mortise and tenon construction provide high-quality joinery that will last many years. If you choose to use an umbrella simply knock out the 1 and 5/8-inch diameter, solid wood market umbrella plug.

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