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Table That Slides Under Sofa

table that slides under sofa

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[23:52] Shilandar Deledda was completely and utterly aware of the fact she was following, and in fact she'd find the rum was put out in just a few seconds. He'd had it by the door, and when he plopped on the couch it was there by the strip pole. Feet kicked up on that couchwithout a care for its condition. The leather was stained by too many materals for a little touch now to matter much. With one bottle in hand as wig would be taken, then his eyes would roam over her person and a slight smirk made itself obviously apparent. "Mm, well there ya go hot stuff.. feel free to indulge if you're not too worried about loosenin' up."

[23:56] Alayni Axelrad grabbed the bottle of rum, placing the mouth of the neck between soft lips and following his swig with a larger one of her own, licking the droplet from her mouth that had trickled down as she swallowed. She remained standing, fingering through some of the albums in the case next to the couch, the stains looking rather unappealing to touch the red leathers she wore. Her strikingly blue eyes lingered upon his red ones warily, always having wondered why they were that color.

[23:57] Alayni Axelrad took another swig of the rum before she spoke again. "So I trust ye dealt with the UAC appropriately?" she asked, ignoring his earlier comment about being drugged.

[23:59] Shilandar Deledda would be completely and utterly relaxed. None of the stains came off on his boots or pants, so apparently they were either too old to do any damage, or just residue of someone's good time come and past. "They weren't on the roof anymore." He didn't say anymore than that on the subject, choosing instead to pick up his own bottle and drink from it. A smirk towards her when he did though, his own tongue tasting his lips for an entirely different reason when his crimson attention focused on her. "See somethin' ya wanna play? I've never known you to rifle the collection before, gorgeous."

[0:08] Alayni Axelrad crooked a smile in the corner of her mouth at that, "Well ye are never here when I do it, always made suren o that..." she winked, playfully slapping him with her tail as she rifled through it further, "Music is actually a passion o mine, like art and history. Dinna think ye'd be interested in such information out of a hybrid though, so I never volunteered it." she pulled out a record of Puscifer's and held it up briefly, "Undertaker 666 Remix is one o me favorites by this guy...reminds me of a lot of people I used to know, and me current feelings toward them." she picked up the bottle again and took another large drink, her swallows much larger than that of your average double shot glass, and she was feeling quite warm and comfortable herself now, though still not sitting down, being more interested in the records. "Why yer eyes be red like that?" she finally asked aloud, the alcohol making her care less and less about how rude it seems, because she didnt mean it to be, was genuine curiousity.

[0:15] Shilandar Deledda grabbed at the tail one of the time swhen it swept around. Not the first when it smacked him, but just on one of it snormal sways. Holding it in his grasp when she asked her question, smirk as he stretched out. "Now why wouldn't I care about tha tinformation from a hybrid, eh? I don't mind htem proving they have some intelligence in their heads... Midian tends to collect the rejects of that end of the gene pool, is all." Low snort of breath at that, wrapping his fingers all the more firmly into fur befor ereleasing it to allow another swig of the fluid. He was already tipsy from before, no reason to blow himself over just yet. "Mmm... as for the rest... my eyes are this color since I was born. Never changed."

[0:23] Alayni Axelrad shrugged, at both statements really, as her tail, seeming to have a mind of its own, angrily tried to jerk itself away from his grasp, not liking being contained in any form. "Ye just seemed to be the type to not like any hybrid...but most seem like that to me, that is the reason afterall, I had to leave the hospital I was working at on the mainland." As her tail continued to struggle in his grasp, she continued, "Since ye were born aye? Are ye human? Normal....humans...dinna have red eyes usually...unless they are albino...and ye dinna look albino to me."

[0:28] Shilandar Deledda rolled his eyes at that, not answering directly mostly because he didnt' have to. "What's exactly a normal human, eh? The ones that are born from parents of human origins? If that's the case, then I'm normal.. yet at the same time, obviously not. No, neither of my ancestors had red eyes. My sister's are gold..." He grinned, letting that statemetn sink in. When her tail got away he'd find something else to latch on to. If there was any purpose behind it the man wasn't in a hurry to divulge. Just sweeping the digits up to a

slide show, c. 1953

slide show, c. 1953

"A long time ago, when all the world was new, the animals were not like they are today."

Amazingly good color for a 50-year old Kodachrome slide. Has been in the dark, at low humidity the whole time.

[photo by Nivster, no flash in the pan]

table that slides under sofa

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