Small bed side table - Dark brown dining table.

Small Bed Side Table

small bed side table

    side table
  • Any table designed to stand against a wall.

  • A table placed at the side of a room or apart from the main table

  • Small accent table used for display, which is usually placed either against a wall or aside from the principal table. (See table)

  • Any table built with the intention of displaying only one side. Side table normally have one unfinished side that is meant to be placed against a wall or another piece of furniture. They are often semi-circular or rectangular in shape.

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Small side table

Small side table

This little side table came out very nice. I made it from an old paper skid from the print shop. One of the pressman ask if I could make a table from it. I gave it to him, and he is using it as a night stand by his bed.

Small bookshelf ($25), bed side-tables ($25 each/$40 pair)

Small bookshelf ($25), bed side-tables ($25 each/$40 pair)

The bookshelf matches the larger double-wide version below, and is from target. The bed-side table is also from target, and we have two of these for sale.

small bed side table

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